Amaicha del Valle – Argentina (the North)

Amaicha del Valle is an indigenous community situated 55 km from Tafí del Valle and 68 km from Cafayate and it offers marvellous landscapes and a pleasant climate.

Amaicha del Valle offers lots of things to do:

:: Quilmes Ruins: located 20 km from Amaicha, these ruins are the remains of the town built by the local natives, the Quilmes, who for over 130 years resisted the invasion of the Spanish forces (the longest resistance in Spanish Colonial history).

Quilmes Ruins.

:: El Remate: here you will find a series of waterfalls located 9 km from Amaicha, which are ideal for trekking, climbing and swimming. You can get there by taxi or local bus. It’s recommended walking back and stopping at Los Zazos Dam and at the Eco Museo Amauta, where you can learn about native customs.

:: Ampimpa Observatory: located on the road to Tafí del Valle, this astronomic observatory belongs to the University of Tucumán and it’s a great place to have a panoramic view of the valley and watch the stars at night.

:: Pachamama Museum: it shows different elements of the aboriginal culture dating back to 800 BC.

Beautiful landscapes in Amaicha del Valle.

:: Tiu Punco (“Desert’s door”): the local dunes can be reached by crossing the bed of Rio Santa Maria and the Petrified Forest of carob trees. Accessible only on 4×4 or by horseback.

Every February, Amaicha del Valle holds the Pachamama Festival in honour of the “Pachamama” (Motherland). It’s the best occasion to experience the local customs and traditions, and enjoy delicious dishes.