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Villa Cerro Castillo – Carretera Austral

Villa Cerro Castillo is dominated by the impressive basalt spires and glaciers of its namesake, the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, a huge wild mountainous area with glaciers and spectacular views. Cerro Castillo has the ingredients to become “the new Torres del Paine”, but with far less crowds!

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Chile Chico – Carretera Austral area

Chile Chico is located at the southern banks of the Lago General Carrera only 6km from the Argentinean border.
Nature lovers and hikers should definitely visit the spectacular Jeinimeni National Reserve with steppe, rivers & lakes, colourful & spectacular rock formations, high peaks and vast valleys. The Piedra Clavada is a prominent 40m high vertical rock column and at La Cueva de Las Manos you can admire ancient rock paintings.

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Cochrane – Carretera Austral

Cochrane is the major village and hub of the south of the Carretera Austral. Try to spot the endangered huemul deer at the Tamango National Reserve. 18km north of Cochrane, Parque Patagonia (Valle Chacabuco) is the wildlife paradise of the Carretera Austral. It’s home to flamingos, foxes, armadillos, pumas, condors and herds of guanacos.

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Villa O’Higgins – Carretera Austral

When you arrive in Villa O’Higgins you’ve reached the end of the Carretera Austral, or if you’ve made the crossing from Argentina your journey on this mythical road is about to start! Villa O’Higgins is located at the stunning O’Higgins Lake, one of the biggest lakes in Patagonia, and has many great (day) hikes to e.g. the Cerro Santiago, Glaciar Mosco or Tigre and the Altavista trail.

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Caleta Tortel – Carretera Austral area

Caleta Tortel is a unique isolated village at the mouth of the Río Baker, built up with boardwalks, footbridges and staircases instead of roads. Leg power brings you around the village, or you can take a water taxi. The scenery is beautiful; it’s surrounded by milky glacier water and breathtaking hills and mountains.

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Futaleufú – Carretera Austral area

Futaleufú is a world famous mecca for kayaking and rafting: experts rate its class 5+ rapids as within the top 3 in the world! But the region has so much more up its sleeve for you! This area with lush green forests and marvelous mountains begs to be explored!

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Hornopirén – Carretera Austral

It’s a miracle that Hornopirén hasn’t been converted yet in a bustling tourism mecca. There are few destinations with such a natural diversity, it’s absolutely a must for every traveller to stop here some days! The options are endless.

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Chaitén – Carretera Austral

Chaitén is the main hub to visit the fabulous and enormous Pumalín Park, where you can admire glaciers, waterfalls, verdant temperate rainforest, 3000-year-old Alerce trees, and volcanoes, including the notorious Chaitén Volcano.

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