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La Serena & Coquimbo – Chile

La Serena is the 2nd oldest city of Chile. It has its own architectural style, and these old colonial style buildings have been carefully conserved as National Monuments. This region has some excellent beaches for swimming and water sports, which makes La Serena the summer hot spot for tourists.

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Elqui Valley – Chile

The crystal clear and unpolluted skies of the Elqui Valley, east of La Serena, make this area a world famous spot for observing the universe. The Elqui Valley is covered with vineyards, where grapes are normally used to produce delicious pisco!

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Iquique – Chile

Iquique is a gorgeous city where the sun shines practically all year round, making it excellent for paragliding (one of the best places in the world), surfing, scuba diving or sandboarding. Walking around town, the main street, Baquedano, is an attractive pedestrian boulevard with architecture that takes you back in time

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Arica – Chile

Arica is the northernmost city in Chile, just 19 km south of the Peruvian border. It’s called “the city of the never ending spring” because it rarely ever rains and therefore it’s possible to go surfing, paragliding, fishing, horseback riding and scuba diving here all year round.

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