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Valparaíso – Chile

Cerro* Concepción and Alegre are the lively, bohemian parts of town, which probably gave Valparaíso its reputation as a place of poets, painters and dreamers. The city has a great nightlife and is full of multicoloured private residences that seem to be stacked atop each other on the hillside.

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Santiago – Chile

Santiago is the urban nucleus and heart of Chile; the financial, cultural, and political center of the country. Like any international city, it’s full of attractions, events, culture and nightlife.

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Pichilemu – Chile

Pichilemu is a surfer’s paradise: sick waves, laid back charm and a great party scene. A sleepy surfer town most of the year, it really steps up a notch in the Summer months when crowds pour in for the wild beaches and even wilder beach parties.

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Talca – Chile

Talca is the capital of the Maule Region, and is located at about 3 hours south of Santiago. The Maule region houses an impressive range of tourist attractions, both on the coast as in the Andes mountains and Talca is your perfect hub to visit them.

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