Why downloading our Get South travel guidebook for Argentina, Chile & Uruguay?

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IT’S FREE! And you’ll be informed about updates and when new editions have been released.


NO INTERNET NEEDED TO PLAN: Our digital travel guidebook for Argentina, Chile & Uruguay is a super handy and powerful tool while travelling. You can always keep on reading and planning on your phone, tablet or computer even when there’s no internet connection available. Argentina, Chile & Uruguay are vast countries and unfortunately there’s no cell phone coverage and descent wifi signal in many places. With the Get South travel guidebooks you’ll have access to our travel info even when you’re in a long distance bus or when you’re exploring a remote destination.

EASE OF USE: It’s a PDF, navigate to the destination you are interested in within a split second with the PDF search function. Links to interesting websites are active (when you have internet of course) so it’s easy to explore more.

DISCOUNTS: You’ll see lots of special discount boxes: Save cash while you travel.  (only valid for direct bookings, not when booked via booking engines: booking.com, hostelworld …)

NO SPACE LOSS: Unlike the traditional travel guidebooks digital guides don’t take space in your suitcase or backpack. And do you really like to scribble and highlight in a paper guidebook?! Then just print it!

How to get the free Get South travel guidebooks for Argentina, Chile & Uruguay?

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It was rough starting up Get South from scratch in 2007, but it was definitely worth all the hard work! (find out more)

Safe travels, Irina Schugurensky (founder)