El Bolsón & Lago Puelo – Argentina (Patagonia)

Located at approximately 120 km south of Bariloche, the El Bolsón & Lago Puelo area is amazing!

El Bolsón is a bohemian village with a unique atmosphere cherished by nature lovers and artisans. They locally produce delicious artisan beers (+30 breweries!) and grow berries. The handicraft market in town is famous for its quality and is opened on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

The Cerro Amigo viewpoint in El Bolsón, is a short little outing, close to town and very relaxed. The whole area is a real nature paradise! A 15km drive from el Bolsón will get you to the Piltri’s “plataforma”. This is the starting point of a 40 minute walk to Bosque Tallado, a beautiful forest with wooden sculptures or you can hike 2,5 hours steep up to the top of the impressive Cerro Piltriquitrón (2284 meters above sea level).

Hikers are gonna love El Bolsón & Lago Puelo with its big quantity of trails and 14 refuges, perfect for day trips or multi-day treks! Crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, mountain peaks, hidden lagoons and thousand year old trees are the rewards for tiring yourself out!

The popular & magnificent Lago Puelo National Park is located 18 km south from El Bolsón and has beaches to swim, boat tours, high cliffs, impressive views and trekking trails such as the one to Los Hitos. It is very easy to reach by bus (every hour from El Bolsón & Lago Puelo village) or (rental) bike, a gorgeous ride!

A nice half day activity is the trail bordering the Río Azul in the Doña Rosa area with El Paraíso as the destination! Sounds great no? Or maybe you’d like to go horseback riding, paragliding, rafting or kayaking. One thing is for sure: El Bolsón & Lago Puelo will keep you busy for several days.

Hiking fanatic? Also inform about hiking to the Cochamó area in Chile! 

Where to sleep in El Bolsón & Lago Puelo


Sergio, La Casa del Arbol Hostel’s owner, entered this old big abandoned house many years ago and his first thought was “with some hard work and lots of love, I’ll make this the perfect hostel”.

And his imagination, his dream, came true; they recycled, renovated the house and year after year the hostel has been reformed and improved with only one goal in mind; each room, each bathroom, all the different spaces have to meet the expectations of real travellers, people like you.

And we have to admit, Sergio and his team have done an excellent job.  Every corner is enjoyable, the hostel is absolutely perfect to socialize, make friends and share travel experience but you’ll also easily find a spot for yourself to relax if you want…

To get some good night’s sleep there are six private rooms with private bathrooms and three shared rooms, also called dorms (one exclusive for women and one for eleven people that is more economical).

The staff will help you plan your stay; they know the trails, mountain shelters and those corners of the region that do not appear in guidebooks… They also love yoga and good wine, among other things that you also like…

Check your plans, get rid of commitments and ties, you may find what you were looking for and stay here longer than you expected to …

La Casa del Arbol Hostel is superbly located in front of a small and quiet square 200 meters from the center. They are waiting for you…  enjoy your stay!

Address & contact
Perito Moreno 3038
El Bolsón
+54 294 4720176
[email protected]

La Casa del Arbol