Esteros del Iberá – Argentina (the Northeast)

Esteros del Iberá is one of those places that everyone wants to visit, but very few actually make it there. The truth is that it is a bit of a tricky place to get to, it is a couple of hours by 4×4 or by a bumpy bus ride from the closest towns and civilisation…. Mercedes is the usual and easiest starting point and here you can book a transfer or take a bus. For adventure addicts it’s also possible to organize a transfer from/to Posadas, a really rough and challenging alternative!

Yacaré in the Esteros del Iberá.

But its remoteness is what makes it such a special place. In the middle of humid wetlands, the Esteros del Iberá have cultivated one of the most important and one of the most unique ecosystem’s in the Americas. A prime spot for nature spotting, here you can do walks, horseback rides and boat tours to see over 360 bird species, lots of alligators (yacarés), the world’s largest rodents (carpinchos/capybaras), wild deer and the floating islands of the world’s second largest wetlands.

Doing a boat tour is a perfect way to spot the amazing wildlife at the Esteros del Iberá.

The base to stay here is the small town of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini. With a small population and only a couple of shops and restaurants, this is a very relaxed and slow moving town, but its tranquility is the best way to enjoy the nature and relax in Argentina’s wild wetlands.

Hornero Bird in its oven-like mud nest.

No ATM and limited petrol in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini

Where to sleep in Los Esteros del Iberá

POSADA YPA SAPUKAI –  Midrange Category

With Esteros del Iberá you really want to feel in the middle of nature and a world away from civilised cosmopolitan life – at Posada Ypa Sapukai you are right amongst the breathtaking natural world that inhabits this special place.

A rustic style hotel with wooden furniture and a cozy fireplace for cool nights, here you can stay in one of their five rooms in either a double, triple or quad.

Staying here includes excursions by boat, horse or walking tours – speak to the bilingual staff to find out what you can do in your time, and make sure to walk out to their private jetty to watch the birds and pondlife as sunsets…

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Yacare corner Mburucuya
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Posada Ypa Sapukai