Planning my trip to ARGENTINA

Introduction to Argentina

It is a huge country with long distances to travel so being in your shoes I would be planning my trip to Argentina in advance to save time and budget. And you’ll be sure you cover these long distances only to destinations you are really interested in!

Argentina is in fact the 2nd largest country in South America. It has a population of 44 million, of which approx. 1/3 live in the capital, Buenos Aires.

In such a massive area, the geography is immense and diverse, with an extremely varied climate. From the hot and dry northwest to the thunderous glaciers of Patagonia, from the staggering Andes Mountain range to the fertile Pampas, it’s possible to find and do everything in this land of contrasts. Argentina houses several of the world’s natural wonders including the highest peak in the Americas, Aconcagua and the impressive Iguazu Falls.

Argentina must-tries include tasting some of the world’s best meat and wine, dancing a seductive tango and drinking the addictive mate.

Argentineans love their meat! Even on top of a mountain they will light a fire to start an “asadito”.

Read more about every destination and find out how to prepare your trip to Argentina.

Argentina’s top destinations

Even when you don’t like crowds and touristy destinations, most probably you will visit all or some of Argentina’s top destinations during your trip.

Buenos Aires: You can’t skip this one. It’s the capital and the country’s heart and lots of people will even start and/or finish their trip here. Buenos Aires is a lively bustling city that will keep you interested for days!

Buenos Aires’ gorgeous and trendy Puerto Madero area.

Iguazú Falls: Located in the far northeast of the country it’s a bit out of the way but it’s definitely worth going! Who doesn’t have the world’s largest waterfalls on his bucket list?!
El Calafate: Just visiting the famous and huge Perito Moreno glacier is for many people already reason enough to head south to Patagonia. And the region has a lot more up its sleeve for you!
Salta: This beautiful city in the northwest of Argentina is the main starting point to explore the incredibly beautiful provinces of Salta & Jujuy and the Quebrada de Humahuaca.
Mendoza: This is Argentina’s most important wine region with the Andes Mountains in the background. Get ready to taste the excellent Malbec wines and don’t forget to head to the Aconcagua, the highest peak of the Americas!

Trekking in the Aconcagua Park in the Mendoza region is really exciting!

Bariloche: Lakes & mountains, sun & snow and an abundance of activities to keep you busy for a long while! Foreigners & locals adore this pretty & cozy lakeside city in northern Patagonia.
Ushuaia: It’s not just about its mythical name. The world’s southernmost city in the world is located in Tierra del Fuego, a breathtaking region that will knock your socks off!

Argentina’s popular destinations

If you’re not on a very tight schedule then you just need to have a look at our list of Argentina’s popular destinations.  Make your pick and find out yourself why people love to go there!

El Chaltén: Welcome to Argentina’s trekking capital. With stunning landscapes and many trails for day hikes and multi-day treks it’s a top spot for both beginning hikers as hardcore trekking specialists.

El Chaltén, Argentina’s trekking capital!

Córdoba: You won’t regret making the trip to Argentina’s 2nd biggest city. With the historical Unesco city center, the vibrant student life, the local’s people great humor and the amazing destinations the province has to offer it really deserves a place in this list.
Cafayate: It’s easy to fall in love with this pretty small village in the northwest of Argentina. Taste the Torrontés wine, go for a trek and definitely sign up for a tour to the Quebrada de Cafayate.
Tilcara: This is the main tourist destination in the Quebrada de Humahuaca. It is very touristy but also charming and entertaining and it’s a wonderful base to explore the province of Jujuy.

The gorgeous Salinas Grandes in Argentina’s northern provinces of Salta & Jujuy

Puerto Madryn & the Península Valdés Rarely we have been so overwhelmed by a destination! Whales, penguins, sea lions & sea elephants, orcas, dolphins, many birds, guanacos, armadillos, Patagonian hares … you can all tick them of your list here!
Rosario: At 310 km northwest of Buenos Aires, Rosario, the 3rd biggest city of Argentina, is easy to reach. Combine culture here like the important National Flag Monument and many museums with enjoying the impressive Paraná River and its popular river beaches and delta islands.

Argentina’s alternative destinations

Less famous but incredibly beautiful places you won’t regret adding to your travel list! They are maybe not the first destinations that pop up in your mind when planning your trip to Argentina, but, believe us, they are stunning!

Los Esteros del Iberá: one of our Argentina favourite destinations! It’s a bit tricky to get there, but you’ll see capybaras, alligators, lots of birds and other animals at one of the biggest wetland areas of South America.

You’ll see loads of these impressive creatures in the amazing Esteros del Iberá wetlands in the northeast of Argentina

El Bolsón & Lago Puelo: From Bariloche you should go south for about 120 km. This area is mind blowing with lots of artisans & artists, its hippy vibe and the best artisan beer of the country. The scenery is incredible and many trekking trails & refuges make it easy to explore nature here!
Rodeo: The Cuesta del Viento dam is a world class spot for kite & wind surfing. The surrounding dry mountains and nearby rivers makes it also a prime spot for adventure activities. It’s an addictive place, don’t blame us if you fall in love and end up staying here for a long time!

Famous amongst kite & windsurfers, the Cuesta del Viento dam in Rodeo, San Juan Province.

Amaicha del Valle: Cozy, dusty, local, interesting, pretty …  Amaicha is a wonderful destination, in the Calchaquí Valley in the northwest of Argentina. You won’t even have to visit one of the many interesting sites in the area, just hanging around makes it already worth going here!
Humahuaca: If you don’t like the crowds of Tilcara, then Humahuaca is definitely your best alternative in the Quebrada de Humahuaca. It really feels authentic still, a perfect place to observe the locals doing their thing!
Malargüe: Explore some of the least known but also some of the most spectacular landscapes in Argentina. And in winter you should go skiing at Argentina’s most famous ski resort Las Leñas. Malargüe is located in the south of the Mendoza province.