Puyuhuapi – Chile (Carretera Austral)

Puyuhuapi is a quiet and peaceful village located at the far end of a fjord (220km from Coyhaique), surrounded by hills and mountains covered with thick green vegetation. Four young German immigrants founded it in 1935 and their influence can still be noticed in the local architecture and cuisine. Stroll through this tiny village and admire the local houses, the church, the beauty of the fjord with the clouds drifting over the water in the morning and the colourful fishing boats.

Four species of dolphins play in the waters of Puyuhuapi. Take a kayak or boat tour to observe the wonderful fjord and these amazing creatures.

The hanging glacier.

Don’t miss out on the Queulat National Park (entrance 24km south of Puyuhuapi) with rivers winding through its fairy tale lush wilderness. The most popular route is the 3,2km hike to the famous hanging glacier or “Ventisquero Colgante” where you can see and hear the ice crashing down on the rocks. In summer you can take it easy and hop on one of the small boats that navigate you across the Laguna Témpanos to the glacier.

51km south of Puyuhuapi is the Bosque Encantado (Enchanted Forest), a moist, magical forest where gremlins and elves must live. An hour’s walk takes you to where the glacial waterfalls drop into the river. Take all your wet weather gear.

Amazing nature at the enchanted forest (Bosque Encantado).

Tired from being overwhelmed by the enchanting assets of Mother Nature? Soak your bones in the hot springs “Termas del Ventisquero” or the more luxurious “Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa”. This is pure pampering, with fantastic views as a bonus! There is also a natural hot spring, but only accesible by kayak or boat.


Hot springs “Termas del Ventisquero”.

Where to sleep in Puyuhuapi

When you pick your accommodation, in Puyuhuapi you don’t have to worry too much about the location. The village is tiny so the accommodations are almost all located at just a stroll away from the fjord! But it gets busy here in high season, so it’s highly recommended to book your room before your arrival!

CABINS & HOSTEL AUGUSTO GROSSE – Budget & Mid-Range Category

The fairytale cabins at Augusto Grosse, located in the village, are constructed entirely of wood and beautifully decorated. The cabins are extremely well equipped for up to five, seven or eight people and can ensure an unforgettable stay. It’s a wonderful pick in town and you’ll have your own private space with your bunch of friends and family!

There’s even one cabin set up as a comfy hostel with two bathrooms, a 4-bed dorm with warm duvets and two private rooms; one matrimonial and one with a bunk bed. Augusto Grosse has always been our choice to sleep in Puyuhuapi so we know this place really well!  All cabins, including the hostel, have a cosy living room with a wood stove to heat you up and a fully equipped kitchen.

Don’t miss out on the many activities in the area; the owners will gladly help you with recommendations and reservations. Laundry service available. Open all year round.


  • Hostal Scarlett: It’s new, so we don’t know it yet, but it’s one of the cheapest options in town!
  • Hostal y Cabañas Ventisquero: This place exists already since several years. It’s not our favourite but it’s one of the budget options in town with also a dorm room.
  • Comuy-Huapi: We really like this place for it’s location in the center on the banks of the fjord. You’ll love it.
  • Cabaña Turin: This place really amazed us! The cabin for up to 5 people is incredible! Also an option for two available.
  • Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa: It’s not for everybody’s budget but it’s the perfect spot to pamper yourself with it’s amazing location at the other side of the fjord and it’s relaxing thermal baths. We loved it, like many other people do!

More info and rates via the search box here below!

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