Rodeo – Argentina

Rodeo, located 195km from San Juan city, is a colourful town surrounded by a spectacular mountain range, fruit plantations and irrigated lands. It has sunny weather most of the year with very little rain.

To the east of Rodeo stands the Cuesta del Viento Dam and Reservoir, with beach resorts, accommodation and kite & windsurf schools by its shores. The dam is considered to be a world class spot, with consistent daily winds of up to 120 km/hr. The high winds are caused by a kind of funnel formed where the air currents enter the valley, making the dam one of the best sites in the world for water sports, especially windsurfing and kitesurfing. The sailing season goes from October to April.

Cuesta del Viento dam.

Apart from all the water sports at the dam, Rodeo also offers adventure activities such as horseback riding, rafting, fishing and many more. Rodeo’s town hall exhibits the region’s archaeological collection.

About 20 km to the north, at Angualasto, there is an Archaeological Municipal Museum exhibiting a mummy, among other archaeology collections. 15 km to the west you can visit Pismanta with its thermal baths and spa.

Finca El Martillo, in Rodeo.

Where to sleep in the Rodeo area


At the foot of the mountains, 15 km from Rodeo village and 187 km from San Juan city, meet a business run and empowered by its people. Hotel Termas Pismanta is a great example of what working hand in hand brings.

Built in the 50’s, this hotel marvels visitors with its wonderful service, therapeutic hot springs and comprehensive spa.

There are rooms with private bathroom & satellite TV, a diner and bar, and a tennis court. But beyond that, there are 12 private hot spring baths (also for non guests), an open-air thermal pool, Scottish showers, vapor baths and sauna to help you relax.

Pamper yourself at the spa with the many treatments available, like massage and fang (mud) therapy. Make your booking only by telephone!

Address & contact
Ruta 150 Pismanta Las Flores
Pismanta – Rodeo
tel. +54 2647 497091 / 92
[email protected]

Hotel Termas Pismanta