San Rafael – Argentina (the West)

Located 236 km south of Mendoza city, San Rafael is in the middle of Mendoza province, making it easy to reach the other touristy places from here. San Rafael is considered a capital of adventure tourism, both for its wide range of options and affordable prices.

:: Valle Grande: a huge, man-made lake in an impressive natural setting, surrounded by mountains and green fertile vegetation. It attracts visitors seeking outdoor adventures. In Valle Grande you will probably find the cheapest white water rafting in the world!! Horseback riding, 4×4 expeditions (Nihuil’s Dunes), kayaking, boating, canoeing, rappelling, canopy, trekking and climbing are also offered in this great natural setting.

:: Cañón del Atuel: don’t miss this gorgeous natural canyon with highly eroded rocky walls, carved by the Atuel River. There are guided tours that take you there or you can go with your own car. Some interesting rock formations are The Wax Museum, The Castle, The Ghost, Rivadavia’s Chair, The Suspension Gardens, etc.

Cañón del Atuel.

:: Wine Tours: there are around 80 wineries around San Rafael, some within walking or biking distance from town, while others require a car. They range from small family businesses to big producers of all types of quality wines supplying local and international markets. Guided tours and tastings are available in most.

Bodega Suter.

:: Nightlife: San Rafael is also a fun town after dark, with 2 casinos, movie theatre, bowling, tango bar, karaoke bar, dance clubs and many pubs and restaurants.